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Picture - moving

Post by revdjenk » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:16 am

On a blank page I inserted a picture, Object>New Picture. As the manual describes, the picture is treated as a text element. However, the manual says moving the picture simply needs to click and drag. Now I am using on a laptop, so my left bottom corner normally acts as left button for mouse, then moving would be accomplished by another finger scrolling around the trackpad. However, the picture does not move, I do not get a change from the arrow to a hand, as in LibreOffice, for example. (Resizing the picture works as described in manual.)
I can only freely move the picture if I right click and choose "convert to object frame." Then I can click and drag it.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this beta. Just started using this in the last hour! I have been enjoying the HD Android version on my Samsung Note 10.1, which is a big improvement over the former Android version! I begain using Softmaker on my Android devices to access my ODF documents, as I have used LibreOffice and parent suites all the way back to StarOffice in 1999. Softmaker was/is the only office productivity package to allow this easily and reliably. Thanks again.

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Re: Picture - moving

Post by sven-l » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:09 am

Which device exactly are you using? Does it work better if you connect a "real" computer mouse?
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