Footnotes can only be selected one-by-one

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Footnotes can only be selected one-by-one

Post by ecbritz » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:26 pm

It is not possible to select more than one footnote at a time. I had a problem with footnotes when editing/translating documents with large numbers of footnotes, but I found a solution I have explained in another thread.
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Re: Problem of language setting of footnotes SEMI-SOLVED

Post by Jossi » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:56 pm

My problem is that I simply cannot reproduce this issue.
1. In Tools > Options..., tab "Language", German is selected as Default language.
2. I write a document in German. Footnotes in this document get the paragraph style "Footnote text"; in this style the language of the character format is set to "Default", so footnotes in (correct) German are not underlined by the spellcheck function.
3. Now I write a document in English. Even if I change the language of the text paragraph style to English, footnotes still get the paragraph style "Footnote text" with Default (=German) language, so they are underlined in red by the spellchecker. To correct this, I select the paragraph style "Footnote text" in the sidebar and change the language setting to "English".
4. When I copy a footnote from the English document and paste it into the German document, it keeps its language setting (=English) - no underlining by the spellchecker.

As you are talking about copying a great number of footnotes – I can only copy and paste one footnote at a time. Did you find a way to copy many footnotes at once or did I misunderstand you?

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