Nifty footnote editing (revised)

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Nifty footnote editing (revised)

Post by ecbritz » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:28 pm

May I compliment Textmaker on it's nifty footnote editing. If you move your cursor to the left side of an existing footnote number -- placed somewhere in the document -- and then do Insert > Footnote > Options, you can change the position of the footnote in relation to the document as a whole, the type of numbering, the number of the first footnote etc. For instance, if you want to change the footnotes to endnotes, simply do Insert > Footnote > Options at the first footnote, and select "End of document". (You can actually do this at any of the footnotes following each other. The whole set of footnotes can be transformed from any of its numbers. The footnote system can't be crashed, I've tried!)

These functions have helped me recently to change the numbering and positioning of more than 100 footnotes in a few simple steps. I'm sure MS Word will do the same. Not sure if the trusty OpenOffice will be so obliging -- it can usually do anything once you know how, except producing trustworthy .doc documents. I've tried editing footnotes with WordPerfect, the latest version. As usual, you will pull out a few hairs before perhaps succeeding.
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