modify a [Normal] paragraph style for all documents created in the future

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modify a [Normal] paragraph style for all documents created in the future

Post by leopoldus » Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:08 pm


I do not like the "Normal" paragraph style, which TextMaker offers by default, so I wish to change it. It is quite clear, how to change the specific style properties in the current document. But these changes are not automatically saved in the template, so they do not apply to documents, which will be created on the base of the same template in the future.

In MS Word there is at least two option to embed a new or modified style into a template.
The first is to check the option [Add to the Styles gallery... in New documents based on this template" directly in the style creating / modifying dialog.
The second approach is to copy previously created or modified style from the current document to the "Normal" template via so-called "Organizer" dialog.

But I could not find none of this two options in TextMaker. Have I missed anything?

Robin Holt
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Re: modify a [Normal] paragraph style for all documents created in the future

Post by Robin Holt » Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:24 pm

There are a couple of ways of managing the default.

Firstly, you can just change the "Normal.tmv" so that the Normal paragraph style meets you needs. The changes will be incorporated into any new docs. Softmaker doesn't recommend changing this template because inadvertent changes here can cause other things to break.

A better way to modify the style would be to create a new template from "Normal.tmv". Just start a new document, make the desired changes to the "Normal" paragraph style in that document and save it as a template with a new name ("MyNormal" or something like that). Go to File=>New and create a new file with this new template, but check the "Set as Default" button while you are doing it. The template will now be used to create all new documents in the future. I've used this feature for a few years and it works very well.

Another way is just a variant of changing "Normal.tmv" directly by using Format=>Manage Styles and copying paragraph (or character) styles directly into "Normal.tmv" using that tool.

Personally, I've tried a couple of ways to do this and found that creating a new default template offers the most flexibility.

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