SoftMaker applications too small on 1920 screens

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SoftMaker applications too small on 1920 screens

Post by content » Thu May 24, 2018 11:09 pm

I'm posting in this particular forum because I use the 2016 software. If this problem has been addressed in a later version, then please inform me of that. The issue is not just with SoftMaker applications, of course, but it seems that it has to be SoftMaker to take action to improve their specific application.

TextMaker, for example, is uncomfortably small on a 1920x1024 laptop ... even with the large icons enabled.

In recent years, I've noticed a few posts on the general problem of increasing screen resolution. The response was to wait and see the new features. But the only new features I've found related to touchscreen operation with small icons. This isn't that. This is the usability of the entire window.

Please recognize that the majority of users are on normal desktops and laptops ... and never use touch for word processing.

Maybe it's tricky to add an 'overall size' setting to preferences. But it's the right thing to do. Screen resolutions are only going to increase ... and the applications are going to get smaller, still.

Thanks for listening.

SoftMaker Team
SoftMaker Team
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Re: SoftMaker applications too small on 1920 screens

Post by sven-l » Mon May 28, 2018 4:00 pm

I will refer your feedback to the product management.
Sven Leßmann
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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