Minor issue w/Radio Buttons

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Minor issue w/Radio Buttons

Post by bsbd » Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:46 pm

I just stumbled on a minor compatibility issue with Radio button objects created in Excel, but I already found a temporary solution.

I've tracked it back to the fact that Excel doesn't bother with a worksheet name in the radio button group's target cell address if that target is on the same page as the buttons. In that case, with no worksheet name specified PlanMaker will just incorrectly assume the result should go on the very first worksheet in the workbook. PlanMaker also adds the wrong worksheet name prefix to the Result Cell field in the button's object properties.

Fortunately I found an easy temp way to make PlanMaker behave correctly: In Excel, I just manually added the correct worksheet name prefix before the cell address in the object properties' Cell Link field.

I'll send a small example file created in Excel that illustrates it.


PS: If you save the file in PlanMaker and open it back up in Excel, you'll also be able see the font issue I've reported before (size "1").

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