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Post by bsbd » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:29 pm

Sorry to hit you with yet another issue (possibly two), but I think we're almost there. Hopefully this will be the last thing I'll have for a long while, but it's critical if I'm going to to use PlanMaker HD and/or PM Mobile Free for editing and saving the .xlsx financial spreadsheet I've been keeping.


The ISERROR function doesn't appear to be trapping #NULL! errors generated by unsupported functions within formulas.

Potential Problem:

PlanMaker HD is returning a #NULL! error when a cell formula contains an unsupported function. Other apps and programs will return a #NAME? or #VALUE! error instead. However, If PlanMaker's ISERROR function would trap the #NULL! error correctly it wouldn't be an issue.

Detailed description:

I've been trying to work around the way PlanMaker HD blows out unsupported formulas and instead saves the text of an error message text in place of the original formula. In other tablet apps and desktop spreadsheet programs I've successfully used ISERROR to trap out unsupported function errors and preserve the formula, but that approach isn't working in PlanMaker HD.

I've noticed that before applying the ISERROR trap PlanMaker HD doesn't return the same error argument for unsupported functions that other apps and programs do. PlanMaker HD will return a #NULL! error instead of a #NAME? or #VALUE! error. Regardless, #NULL! is still one of the error conditions the PlanMaker manual says ISERROR should recognize, but apparently it doesn't work as it should.

To demonstrate, I'm sending a small example file that I created to the forum email address. If you open it in both PlanMaker HD and Excel you'll see the different way they treat unsupported functions and how elegantly ISERROR should work. Notice the formula for the Google Sheet stock quote fetch containing a function that is unsupported in Excel.... I've used ISERROR in an IF statement to blank out the error message and preserve the formula for any subsequent Excel File/Save operation.

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PS: Although it might not seem like it, PlanMaker HD and PlanMaker Mobile for Androids are still pretty close to where I need them to be for my Excel financial spreadsheet.The other three other tablet spreadsheet apps i'm comparing have their own quirks and failings that encourage me to hang with PM until these last few issues get resolved. Thanks for working with me.

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