bluetooth keyboard bugs

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bluetooth keyboard bugs

Post by rstoeck » Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:25 pm

I would appreciate assistance with keyboard bugs on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with a Kensington  Keyfolio Pro 2 keyboard (P/N k39519us).  Android version is 4.1.2, Textmaker version is rev684.1128.

The up arrow and down arrow keys on the keyboard are erratic and will usually skip one to three lines of text on a single press.  In addition, if you go to the end of a paragraph, press the delete key until the paragraph below it is wrapped into the first paragraph, and then press the space bar, you will delete the second paragraph.   These problems do not occur with any other software, including Polaris Office and Kingsoft Office.  

Thank you.

Android Device System Information---------------------------------
*** General info ***Application and revision: [TextMaker] ; 524972Device ID: [samsung]Parsed OS version: 040102Locale string: [en_US.UTF-8]Locale date format: [MM/dd/yyyy]Resolution: 1280 ; 752Tablet flag: 1Display DPI: 1000Dialog interface flag: 1033Profile path: /data/data/softmaker.applications.textmaker/files/config/Temp path: /data/data/softmaker.applications.textmaker/cache/Home path: /storage/sdcard0/SoftMaker/Java Mac Address: 1 ; [20:02:AF:BF:A0:94] ; 20:02:AF:BF:A0:94***Direct Java Information Block ***Android OS Version: 4.1.2Manufacturer: samsungModel (Model Number in About): GT-N8013Product Name: p4notewifiueOem Brand: samsungIndustrial Design Name: p4notewifiHardware Name: smdk4x12Underlying Board: smdk4x12Build ID String (Build Number in About): JZO54K.N8013UEUCMI3Unique Build ID: samsung/p4notewifiue/p4notewifi:4.1.2/JZO54K/N8013UEUCMI3:user/release-keysGeneric ID: JZO54KSystem Bootloader Version: N8013UEUCMI3Host: SEP-63Build Tags: release-keysBuild Type: userBuild Alternate Info: unknownLinux OS Kernel Architecture: armv7lLinux OS Kernel Name: LinuxLinux OS Kernel Version (Kernel Version in About): 3.0.31-813049Java VM Vendor: The Android ProjectJava VM URL: VM Location: /systemJava Class Path: .Java IO TmpDir: /data/data/softmaker.applications.textmaker/cacheJava Library Path: /vendor/lib:/system/libVM Implementation Vendor: The Android ProjectVM Implementation Name: DalvikVM Implementation Version: 1.6.0VM Libraries Vendor: The Android ProjectVM Libraries Name: Dalvik Core LibraryVM Libraries Version: 0.9VM Specification Vendor: The Android ProjectVM Specification Name: Dalvik Virtual Machine SpecificationVM Specification Version: 0.9System Class Path: .File Separator: /Path Separator: :Base of non-absolute paths: /

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