Another use for Mobile Textmaker

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Another use for Mobile Textmaker

Post by donone » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:58 pm

If you are a MS Onenote user you will no doubt have seen the awful Mobile Onenote.
There is a solution to viewing such Notes with Textmaker.
In MS Onenote, export the notebook, section, or page to MHT format.
Obtain a small FREE program called 'MHTML Converter' for your PC.
Open the MHT in that program and out comes a HTML web page. The only tweak needed is to rename the folder containing page images by appending '_files' to the name. (developer bug).
Copy the HTML file and the folder to android.
Open the HTML file or copy/paste into Textmaker.
Perfect reproduction.

There may be a simpler way by exporting first to Doc(x) but I have not bothered trying that.

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