Border thickness lost when saving to Word format

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Border thickness lost when saving to Word format

Post by rduke » Tue Jan 18, 2005 6:46 pm


I have a template in which the header and footer have a border with a thickness of 0.1 pt.

If I save the file to Word 2000 format and re-open it (in TextMaker), the border is 1 pt. instead of 0.1 pt.

It is not very visible on the screen, but on the printed page, the border is now very thick. If I manually reset the paragraph style to a 0.1 pt. border, I can print it correctly. If I close the document and re-open it, the border is 1 pt again instead of 0.1.

(In case it's of interest: TextMaker 2002 for Windows, rev. 396; Windows XP SP1; printer HP Laserjet 5M with WinXP's built-in driver, but the same happens with other printers/drivers.)

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