Formula's - Can we choose cels by highlighting (like in excel)?

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Formula's - Can we choose cels by highlighting (like in excel)?

Post by clifford949 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:44 pm

Here is how I made a formula in MS Excel;
1. Click in the cel I want the answer to appear.
2. Depress Formula Icon, choose either Sum or Average.
3. Use mouse to highlight the cels I want to use in the formula.
So easy

What's happening to me in Plan Maker (free);
1. I have no choice where answer goes. It decides for me which cels to include, usually by which ones are vertically closest.
So if I have a grid of numbers and want the sum underneath I can't sum/average a row.
2. We don't seem to have the functionality of highlighting the desired cels with our mouse (bummer)?
3. I have a work around that is better than nothing but only helps in some cases. Highlight cels first, ending where you desire the answer. Then click the formula icon. This isn't workable all the time though as when I am trying to get an answer in the column next to the one I'm trying to add.
4. The only way to get what I want, where I want is to depress Formula and manually type in cel location.

If I have to manually enter cel location to be able to have my answer where I want it instead of where the software thinks it should go I will be finding a replacement real soon. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong. What do you'all think. How can I replicate Excels formula capability (without using Excel). :?: :(



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