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Icons & Tabs

Post by BearPup » Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:39 pm

1st Beta Comments:

While creating the extra space touch users need, you have removed the large icons option. This option is different than the touch settings and should be retained. For visually impaired users it makes a huge difference.

Using myself as an example, I came to SoftMaker after looking for a 100% compatible office suite that had a large icon option for the toolbars. With the new arrangement, I have considerably fewer icons on my toolbars - at least 7 fewer icons fit in the same space.

Keep the touch option for those who need it, but bring back the large icon option for those of us who need that option.


Back to the issue of tabs:
In the 2016 Beta I lobbied, unsuccessfully, for a ‘larger’ tab view in addition to the smaller cell tab view. This larger tab view would allow users to manually position a table anywhere on the page, realign cells to paragraphs located outside the table, etc. Again, this would be an additional option, and not take anything away from those who need / want the smaller cell tabs.


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