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Customizing TextMaker

Post by mtolincoln » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:11 pm

I've recently discovered a great way to add pet customizations (keystrokes, macros, etc.) to TextMaker. It's a free program called AutoHotKey ( It's well-documented, but the documenrtation also makes it difficult for non-programmers to understand how to use it, but making scripts to change key assignments is actually quite simple. (I'd suggest just looking at a simple example, then modify it.)

It can also be used to customize almost any program also, so you can use the same customizations across programs.

I have no connection to the autohotkey designers. just a happy user of both autohotkey and TextMaker.
Mike O'Brien
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Post by Tobias-L » Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:45 am

Thanks for the hint. :)
Tobias Leißner
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Re: Customizing TextMaker

Post by lilalurl » Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:59 pm

Quite new around here, I found this thread. I am quite a fan of AHK too and think a small example would help to show people the power it can bring to users.

Here is a little something I use with MS Word but have adapted for TextMaker.

What it does is allowing you to cut and paste from any text you select (in a help file, a PDF file, a webpage etc...) to the current TextMaker document with one keyboard shorcut, namely the appskey+f (instead of pressing ctrl+c, switching to TextMaker, pressing ctrl+v, switching back to the document you were reading).
For people who would not know the appskey is the one that usually brings the context menu and is located between AltGr and the right control key. The key used to trigger that can be changed (you just need to check AHK help file to know the correct name for some of them).

Code: Select all

AppsKey & f::
WinGetClass, Classvar, A
SendInput, ^c
WinActivate, ahk_class tmwMdiFrame
SendInput, ^v
SendInput,{Enter 2}
WinActivate, ahk_class %Classvar%
A little explanation:
When you press appskey+f, the script reads the class of application you are currently using and store if in a variable (needed to get back to the application later).
Then it sends control+c (to copy the selected text).
It then activates the currently opened Textmaker document (in this script it is needed that it is opened prior to running the script. Some modifications can be made to check if Textmaker is launched or not and in the latter case launch Textmaker, but it makes things more complex that needed).
Just after the script sends control+v (paste) and press enter/return two times (so that the next copy/paste is not 'glued' to the previous).
Then it activates the application whose class was stored before, therefore sending you back to what you were reading.

This happens in less than a second, so I believe it is quite unobstrusive

The script can be improved in many ways (using the clipboard commands of AHK). It could even be possible to not have to switch between the documents (sending to Textmaker without leaving the application you are sending the text from but the command needed, ControlSend, doesn't allow a generic solution for the 'target', meaning you would have to have a Textmaker document with a specifc title every time. Well, since I am not a talented AHK scripter I may be wrong on that point).

Hope this can prove how AHK can be useful.

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