eM Client database import problems

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eM Client database import problems

Post by igorkrushch » Sat May 02, 2015 9:32 am

Good day,

Here are some problems/ideas that I've come across while was trying to import eM Client stuff into new Thunderbird that comes with the latest Office 2016 Beta

1. It would be really great to have option to choose where the imported data will be stored. I don't like (and probably not only me) that all my email data is stored on drive C in Users folder. Thus, in eM Client I've set up all the accounts to store data on separate drive in dedicated folder. But when I do import into Thunderbird, all the accounts are imported into Users folder.

2. I don't know why, but Thunderbird was installed into Program Files folder.... I don't think it was asking where do I want it to be installed... I've chose Office to be installed in separate folder, but it seems like that chosen folder doesn't affect Thunderbird installation.

3. When I open Import add-on and click "Next" to go to the page "Please select the accounts to import", I get this message:
There are calendar and/or task entries in your eM Client database, but Lightning is not installed in Thunderbird.
If you continue, these calendar and task entries will not be imported.
Do you want to proceed anyway?
However, Lightning add-on is installed, I chose it to be installed together with Thunderbird

4. It looks like import process fails. When I start actual importing process, I get this error:
Error: IemcUnit: Not unique "purpose" value MEMBER
and there are lots of messages in Error Console. I'm attaching them to this post.

To give you some more info on my eM Client stuff. I'm trying to import 5 email accounts from eM Client, address book and calendar. And when I get that window "Please select the accounts to import", Address book is named in Russian there. Maybe that causes problems with importing...

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Re: eM Client database import problems

Post by martin-k » Sat May 02, 2015 5:11 pm

Martin Kotulla
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