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Recent Fonts List

Post by richinrenton » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:49 pm

The Recent Fonts List in TextMaker 2016 for Windows BETA is improved because it shows only fonts not font styles and fonts of certain sizes. Good but not great.
Want to see a Recent Fonts List done perfectly?
Recent Fonts list as it should be 4-24-2015.jpg
Recent Fonts List from WPS Writer
Download the free trial version of WPS Writer
Select a character or a word. The current font is shown before opening the Font List. Open the font list and at the same time both the Recent Font List of up to 10 fonts appears above and below it is the Font List already scrolled so that the current font is selected.
If this is hard to understand, look at WPS Writer.
If you have to scroll up to get to the Recent Fonts List as is now required in TextMaker 2016 for Windows BETA, that defeats the convenience of a Recent Fonts List.

One other feature that has been a part of Microsoft Word for years is the ability to expand (widen) - or condense - (make more narrow) a font. Let us say your message won't quite fit. You could change to 11.9 pt type or make the font slightly narrower and suddenly your message in 12 pt type all fits on one page.

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