Important enhancements.

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Important enhancements.

Post by julian » Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:09 am

Dear SoftMaker,

 I would like to make a plea for the the following list of the ten most important requests to be considered for inclusion In the final release in two weeks time. They are listed in order of importance. If you do none of the others, please find a way to implement request (1) below [Icon Size].

  1 ) Control size. In a number of posts I have pleaded for a reduced Icon/Control/Button size. I now plead again for a size of 75% of normal icon size. Which could be called Reduced, and would fit between Normal and Small Control Size in the User Interface Size dialogue box. I adore TextMaker, but if there is just one suggestion you grant, let it be this one. Please, please, find a way for the controls on toolbars to be smaller, but not as small as Small.

  2 ) Dialogue size. This is directly related to Control size, as it is about size. I would like to request that a way be found to reduce the width &/or height of dialogue boxes. One way this could be done is to have two layouts for mos dialogue boxs; say: Landscape and Portrait. Selectable by the user within the dialogue itself. Thus the user could decide on a ad hoc basis which was more suitable to their Android Table.

  3 ) Add ‘Move Paragraph Up’ and ‘Move Paragraph Down’ to the Outline Toolbar Controls.

  4 ) Unify of functions of Toolbar Controls and Keyboard Mappings. Keyboard Mappings have more Controls than Toolbar Controls have. If the function exists for the Keyboard Mapping, please give it an Icon and add it to the Toolbar customisation dialogue.

  5 ) Allow the Columns of a Table to be automatically adjusted to fit the contents of the column(s) in the table.

  6 ) Increase the functionality of File Manager.

  7 ) Automatically save Templates in the Template folder.

  8 ) Fix Start Quotes.

  9 ) Add Unicode Codepoint entry to Insert Symbol.

 10 ) Add Ruby Text to TextMaker.

 I understand there is a lot here and you have you own priorities. But there are things I would most like to see in TextMaker. And if nothing else, please find a way to Reduce the size of Controls.

I am looking forward to the final release very much.
Thank you. :D
Regards Julian.

PS The reference to MS Word 2010 still exists in the Help.PDF file. :oops:

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