Welcome to the beta test of SoftMaker Office HD for Android

As the public beta test has finished, this forum will be closed soon. Please post to the full version's forums.

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Welcome to the beta test of SoftMaker Office HD for Android

Post by martin-k » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:42 am

Welcome to the beta test of SoftMaker Office HD for Android

SoftMaker Office HD is an office suite for Android tablets that offers the rich features and ease of use that you know from desktop office suites. We run this private beta test to receive feedback from you (error messages, enhancement requests). When this private beta test ends, we will offer a free-for-all public beta, and after that we will start to ship SoftMaker Office HD commercially.

Please support this beta test by trying out the beta software and reporting everything you see and don't like.



Writing bug reports

Please report bugs by posting in this forum. Create a new thread for every new topic. Reply to existing threads only to discuss those things that are already discussed in the existing thread.

Please write full bug reports with instructions how to REPRODUCE a bug. Ideally, it is like this:

1. Start Presentations HD
2. Chinese user interface
3. Hit "abc", press Enter

-> error message "Hyphenation cannot be started"

Please include information about your system (Android device, Android version, RAM size) and any specific settings you have made.

If you need to include sample documents for us to inspect, please mail them to forum@softmaker.de (put a link to your forum post in the e-mail).

Not: Something like "Spell-check does not work" or "When I type something, Presentations crashes" is too unspecific to be helpful.

Make backups of your documents

The software may still contain bugs which means you can lose documents or parts of them. We don't warrant that you won't lose work. If you are not willing to accept this, stop using the beta.

Supported operating systems

This beta needs Android 4.0 or higher.


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