Trial Version Won't Open Files

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Trial Version Won't Open Files

Post by dh » Sun Nov 21, 2004 2:34 am

I installed the trial version because my Beta expired and I'm not sure how to order the full version - sent email to info at softmaker....

Anyway, the trial version won't open my saved files. Says they were not created with this version and I have to get the retail one. I did notice a couple of my files will open but most won't.

Obviously this is a real pain. It would have been rather sensible to make sure that the full version was available before the beta just stopped. I'm in the US and need to get details of how to order TM with the discount pricing for existing users.

Help would be most appreciated.


Update - a couple of hours after posting this, I received the newsletter about the full version and discovered where to order it. (It still says "Pre-Order" on the home page so I hope this isn't the case).

Hopefully all will be resolved and back in business soon!!

Update on Update - have the full version and everyhting is working fine. Thanks.

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