Running on C3000/Cacko, new Zaurus version soon?

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Running on C3000/Cacko, new Zaurus version soon?

Post by danboid » Sat Jan 21, 2006 12:05 pm

I'm running Cacko 1.23b on a C3000. I downloaded the TM2002 demo along with the 640x480 patch. I had plenty of drive space for programs yet TM produced an error whilst it was being set up, yet it still let me install the C-model patch and it would TM run too, if not perfectly..

Problem is, when you start TM it shows a screen telling you it is just a demo version before it starts and one of the 2 options it gives you says something like "Register Now" (sorry I can't tell you the exact errors, I've re-installed Cacko since and I don't want to try installing TM again until I've got some feedback off here) which didn't do anything or would crash TM if I picked that option. I presume that the screen that I cannot see would be where I would enter my serial code if I bought a registered copy? I really do want a better WP for my Z but as you can understand I wouldn't want to pay for a serial code that I wouldn't be able to enter. The other option on that screen would start the demo version so maybe there is a menu option under the main program under which I would be able to register too? Could this problem be a result of the installation error? I noticed other people were experiencing this install error but I didn't see any solutions to getting TM to install cleanly.

Is there going to be a TextMaker 2005/2006 for the Zaurus? When do you plan on releasing an updated version?



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Post by Tobias-L » Mon Jan 30, 2006 3:45 pm

If you get the something went wrong error message, this may be helpful for you.
Error message "something went wrong" when installing TextMaker for Zaurus

TextMaker for Zaurus needs about 13 MB of free memory for installation. Most devices don't have enough free space, so TextMaker cannot be installed. When you do the installation from a console you will get the message "something went wrong".
The problem is, that the ipk file gets extracted to the temporary folder, and then the files get copied to their final destination. Therefore you need memory for the ipk file (compressed, 3 MB), for the temporary files (uncompressed, 5 MB) and for the files in the destination directory (uncompressed, 5 MB).

If you don't have enough free space (< 13 MB) to install TextMaker to internal memory, you have to use a storage card. The problem is, that the temporary files still gets extracted to internal memory, but there is not sufficient memory free.
There are 2 ways to overcome this issue:
a) Symlink your /home/tmp directory to a folder on your storage card.
b) Edit the file /etc/ipkg.conf
There you will find an entry like this one:
dest tmpinst /home/tmp/ipkg/inst
Change the directory to a folder on your storage card and save the file.

After a soft reset it should then be possible to install TextMaker without any problems.

If you still have problems, please launch the installer via a console:
ipkg install TextMaker2002.ipkg
As soon as an error occurs there will be an error message on the screen. Send this message to and we will be able to help you solving this issue.

You can find a console for your Zaurus here:
Download link: ... _id=108511
Tobias Leißner
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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