Another installation problem

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Another installation problem

Post by glukorizon » Mon Feb 28, 2005 12:12 am

I just receieved my license for Textmaker 2002 on the Zaurus (25-2-2005). When I tried to install it on my Zaurus C860, with the original Sharp ROM and with plenty of internal memory left, I received an error message from the package manager, saying that an error occurred and ending with "Sorry".
After that, it looks like that all files are installed ok, including the icon for starting TextMaker. Also, TextMaker seems to work ok.

But two things that are not ok after installation are:
  • TextMaker does not appear in the list of installed applications (also no entry in /usr/lib/ipkg/status).
  • The file extensions are not registered in /opt/Qtopia/etc/mime.types
I checked that the downloaded ipk file is downloaded correctly (with tar xvzf on both the file and the archives inside).

I also checked the installation process by starting ipkg from the command line (after first removing manually all previously installed files):

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bash-2.05# /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/bin/ipkg install TextMaker_2002.ipk
According to the console output, two steps are involved. The first step, unpacking, does not lead to problems, however the second step, configuration, leads after a while to a "segmentation fault". The overall end result is the same as with the normal install (through Qtopia).

Although TextMaker after these errors seems to work, I feel worried a bit about the error messages. What can be the cause of this?
Any clue will be much appreciated.

By the way: resetting the Zaurus does not change this behaviour.

Zaurus C860 - Transcend 1 GB SD card - D-Link CF WLAN

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