EM Client Installs Easily!

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EM Client Installs Easily!

Post by bbriley » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:22 pm

Hi - I just installed the final beta of SM Office 2012, complete with the Email client. The installation went very smoothly, and the client, given my choice of getting its data from Thunderbird (my Gmail IMAP client) instead of Outlook or Windows Live Mail, completed the import of messages and contacts very efficiently, apart from the groups I had set up in Thunderbird's address book. In the case of the mail groups (mail lists), the contacts were only partly imported in each group that I checked.

There is only one layout problem that I can see - under the mail bar on the left, the very bottom icon (the one below "Contacts"), is so low in my layout (1024 x 768 pixels) that I can barely see it and I cannot read it. By clicking on the visible top edge of it, a message pops up with a header of EM Client saying that version 3.5 of the EM client is out as of October 19, 2011.

Later: By clicking on the right end of the "Mail" bar on the top of the left-hand column, the name of the lowest icon is quite visible - it is labeled "Widgets"! So the layout is OK!.

Congratulations on a fine job!
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