Feature request: caption numbers automatically update text

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Feature request: caption numbers automatically update text

Post by David.Boettcher » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:22 pm

I asked this as a question in the Textmaker 2010 forum with no answer, so I guess it doesn't work at the moment, so I would like to request it as a feature in Textmaker.

I have a document with a lot of picture frames to which I add captions with figure numbers. I then refer to these figure numbers in the text, e.g. "See Figure xx for an example . . ."

The automatic numbering of the captions is a great help, especially if I insert another figure, when all subsequent captions figure numbers are incremented. But this leaves my references in the text wrong for all the subsequent figures. Say I have a figure 20, and in the text I say "See figure 20 for . . .". Then I insert a figure before the current figure 20. Figure 20 is automatically updated to be figure 21, but my text still says "See figure 20 for . . ."

I would like to be able to link the caption number of a figure to the text which refers to it, so that if the caption number changes, the reference to it in the text changes as well. It would make my life so much easier because I often develop documents and add new figures to them as I go along, and then I have to go through the text and manually update all the figure references.

Regards - David

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Re: Feature request: caption numbers automatically update te

Post by sven-l » Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:49 am

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