Unable to find where to register Office 2010

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Unable to find where to register Office 2010

Post by Fred » Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:01 pm

I have a Ubisurfer netbook which uses the Vodafone GPRS system to access the internet. It comes with a copy of Softmaker Office 2010 already installed. I have tried many times to register it following the instructions given, but I cannot find anywhere on your website for me to complete registration by putting in the registration code and getting back a "response code" which I can then use to unlock the Office software.

Why do you make it so difficult to register???!!!!!!! I paid for the software when I bought the Ubisurfer yet I cannot use it!!!!!!!!!!

Please send me a code I can use without having to try to get it over the net. My product code is: 371169188221 and my e-mail address is fredmooresimonscales@yahoo.co.uk.
Note: using www.softmaker.com/register doesn't get me anywhere and I was not given a UK phone number to be able to get a response code by phone.

I await your response.

Fred Moore

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