Performance improovement ?

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Performance improovement ?

Post by Gerry » Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:37 am

I am testing the 2010 beta version on my omnia i900 wm6.1 device and while I observed a general performance improvement in textmaker and planmaker compared the previous 2008 version, that I have test some time ago, I continue to get poor performance in Presentation 2010 like the 2008 version. The refresh of the gui in editing mode is so slowly that I have serious problem to add or modify anything in my presentation. Further than this also the start and the move from one slide to the other in presentation mode is extremely slugghish, Basically I have to wait more than 30 seconds from the pressure of the key and the transiction to a new slide. The same presentation shown on MS office mobile 2007 is extremely more responsive :(

There is anything I can set to improve performance or there is any hope that in the final version we can get better performance ?

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Re: Performance improovement ?

Post by Philip-J » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:13 pm

Dear Gerry,

thank you for your feedback.

Our developers would like to reproduce it here with our systems.
Can you send us a sample file to forum(at)

Many thanks for your assistance!
Philip Jedamzik
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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