PlanMaker 2010 Linux and some bugs noticed

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PlanMaker 2010 Linux and some bugs noticed

Post by ArnaudK » Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:43 pm

I would like to share my first feeling concerning PlanMaker for Linux. While this software is smooth and is responsive (I can load a very complex document in 2 seconds instead of 12 in OpenCalc), I noticed some bugs that seem annoying.

If you take a look at the document below : ... xcel).xlsx

When opening it into PlanMaker, I noticed that all the borders are gone, the Cell background are gone as well, the Logo located in the Second Tab document is missing, and the Charts seem empty (I did not try the document in Excel yet, I may confirm soon).

The only things that PlanMaker seems to do better than OpenCalc are :
- Opening the document faster
- displaying figures/charts

I also noticed some ovelapped text in the chart legends.

This is a XSLX file. XLS files seem OK (but those tested were not complex). I cannot open ODS files (not supported yet as far as I know)

Any clue ?



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Re: PlanMaker 2010 Linux and some bugs noticed

Post by sven-l » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:43 am

Thank you for the bug report. I can confirm these issues and informed the developers to solve these problems.
Sven Leßmann
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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Re: PlanMaker 2010 Linux and some bugs noticed

Post by bennachie » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:17 am

Planmaker 2010 Linux generally works very well indeed for me. However, I have run into one minor issue when creating drop-down lists for data entry purposes, in that the source list cannot comprise or include protected cells. I can, of course, understand the reasoning since, in principle, having access to the data in such cells could provide a crude mechanism for unauthorised but patient users to view the data values in other cells that were never intended for use in drop-down lists.

However, the restriction does not appear to be applied in OpenOffice or Excel, probably because the risk of such limited "keyhole" access is considered to be lower than the inconvenience of allowing users to fiddle with the contents of unprotected drop-down lists. The layout issues that this could be circumvented by allowing users to hide cells without protecting them, but I would personally rather follow the OO and Excel precedents in this specific case (in pretty much every other instance where Planmaker does things differently, I prefer the PM approach).

Finally, while not a bug in PM alone (OO has the same issue), I note that, when spreadsheets are saved in other than their native format (typically as .XLS files) the visibility settings for hidden cells are lost (their protection status usually appears to be retained). This is, of course, quite easy, although tedious, to fix if you have access to the target office suites, but does seem to represent something of a barrier to those of us wishing to use PM to develop spreadsheets that will eventually be used with OO or Excel.

There may be a simple technique for getting around the latter problem, and I would welcome advice.

Great software, though!

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